about me

What you might like to know about me

I am a happy wife (in my late 30’s) and mum of two adorable children – girl from November 2013 and boy from October 2016. We live in the west of Dusseldorf and like to visit family and friends all over the world (therefore I will try to maintain this site in both german and english language).

My parental leave time will soon be over, which is why I wanted to use the last few weeks for something useful: further education.

Being a mum fulfills me every day with great joy, despite all the efforts this job entails. But I firmly believe that it will not be a disadvantage for me, for my partnership and also for the children, when I go back into my job – for the time being only 20 hours part time. I’ve been working as a Conceptual Visual Merchandiser for over 12 years now and I love my job. As many others in this field I’m a career changer. Originally I studied economics after completing certified commercial education and trainings.  Since digitization is on everyone’s lips not only since yesterday and does not stop anyone (sometimes it scares me), I signed up for a certificate course ‘Online Marketing Manager’ at the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) without pursuing a concrete goal.

First result of taking part at this course is the opening of this page. Writing my own blog gives me the opportunity to apply what I have learned and deepen it. It is an experiment.

If this experiment leads me to read more, to get my colors and brushes out of the basement, to develop joy in writing and to realize every day how beautiful our lives are, then it has already brought much good.

I’m looking forward to a dialogue with old and new friends, so feel free to leave a comment on my posts or write to me directly:


Yours, Julia

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