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About using mobile phones while driving & booster seats (Cooperation/Advertising+raffle)

About using mobile phones while driving & booster seats (Cooperation/Advertising+Raffle)

Let’s face it – who consistently keeps his hands off the smartphone while driving? Who does not use the mobile phone in the car every now and then?

Why do so many mothers and fathers risk an accident every day when they are on the other hand always so concerned about the safety of their children?

Why do we underestimate the high risk that arises if we don’t focus fully on the road and the traffic?

Common cause of a car accidents: distracted driving

About 1.8 billion children worldwide are leaving their homes to go to school every day, but 500 of these children are not coming back. That’s 500 parents who lose a child every day.

Distracted driving and touching the mobile phone while driving is one of the three most common causes of car accidents worldwide.

A British mother with a brilliant idea: connecting business with a call for secure driving

The two-time mom Grainne Kelly, founder of the British company BubbleBum, has launched the campaign #ILoveYouEnough to draw attention to this problem. Children use video messages to urge parents not to use their mobile phone while driving and ask ‘Do you love me enough?’. Unfortunately, the campaign is currently only active in Ireland so far. I think that we could use such a great action in Germany as well, where distracted driving is not an issue that is talked about openly and adequately. So I gladly agreed to cooperate with BubbleBum – the company that had the great idea of ​​making inflatable booster seats for kids that meet all safety standards. To develop a campaign that calls for driving safety, is just fantastic I think.





An inflatable booster seat that is safe and fits in everywhere: the BubbleBum

Incidentally, Grainne Kelly’s invention fits my needs just perfectly, because I only drive a small car with two children. For my car, I couldn’t  find a conventional booster seat that still fits between the two child seats. My daughter is now 4.5 years old and then the mommies from kindergarten friends no longer join play dates in the afternoon. If I take a third child with us in the car, it should also be safe.


The BubbleBum guarantees that. Thanks to the restraint system, the straps are in the correct position according to current EU directives (over the child’s lap and shoulders). From now on, the small space miracle lives in my glove compartment, because when it is not needed – air out, fold flat and it’s gone.


Also very convenient for traveling in rental cars, taxis, etc., because the BubbleBum fits in a purse or the backpack. A great gift idea for grandparents or a very useful help for childminders who may need to take a child in the car spontaneously or only occasionally. The BubbleBum is suitable for children between 4 and 11 years.

Who wants to win a BubbleBum?

The BubbleBum is available in black, pink, green or other cheerful designs on As a London fan, my daughter chose the seat with the British flag and would love to sit on it every day (have you read already my blog post about London with a four-year-old in 50 hours?). Good that the summer holidays are starting now and we already have two appointments where we’ll take a kindergarten friend safely with us in our car. Until then, the cuddly dog ​​may ride on the BubbleBum 😉






If you like to win a BubbleBum, then just comment on this post and / or the matching post on Instagram and Facebook. You can also link a friend in order to increase your chance of winning. You have time until Wednesday, the first of August 2018.

So tell us honestly how you deal with the use of your mobile while driving and whether you always have a safe booster seat in your luggage! I am looking forward to the exchange!

All guidelines for the raffle can be found here.

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