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It can happen very fast: pneumonia and bronchitis with infants

It can happen very fast: pneumonia and bronchitis with infants

If you do not go to the doctor right away

Last weekend, my husband and I had our date night again. The children were allowed to spend a night with their grandparents. What we have done beautiful on the Friday evening, you can read here. When we brought our son (1.5) and our daughter (4) to my parents-in-law in the morning, they both did a great job. A little cough and runny nose has been normal since November of last year. It was not until the evening that the grandmother wrote to us that the little one was not feeling well, but there was no cause for concern.

When we came out of the theater I read by SMS that he has a bit of a fever. The children have so many changes in temperature that we decided not to interrupt our evening. I had taken precaution with suppositories.

The next morning we went to my parents-in-law to lunch together and pick up the children. Our son was already in the afternoon nap and woke up at an elevated temperature. He was not fit and just wanted to be on ones arm. The cough had become a little heavier, so he vomited after coughing after eating. Maybe we should have reacted and gone to the hospital. At least for listening to the lungs.

Wrong decision

Since we know how busy it is at the weekend in the children’s ambulance and the wait would have meant stress for the little one, we decided not to go there. ‘It’ll be all right again’ was the idea. Also on Sunday it was not really good for our son. Although he had no more fever, but did not want to play and hardly eat anything. The cough was ok during the day, but in the evening when falling asleep so hard that he had to vomit again. On Monday morning I drove directly to the pediatrician, because our doctor had vacation.

When the doctor told me that my son was very ill and asked me why I had not given him a fever juice, I felt so guilty that I would like to be buried in the ground. He diagnosed severe bronchitis and suspected pneumonia. How could that happen? I reviewed the past week. I simply could not think of an opportunity that our son would have been able to overcool. We always pay attention.

Antibiotic and Co.

We had to start the same day with antibiotics, drops to dilate the bronchi and give fever juice. The fever juice was important so that the general condition improved and the little one drank enough and ate again. The night was much better than the other two nights before.

The next day, we presented ourselves to the same doctor again for control. He unfortunately confirmed the pneumonia. I always thought that you would have to go to the hospital right away, but the doctor told me that, apart from giving the medication, we should not or could not do anything. On the third day, the general condition was almost back to normal. Our son ate with appetite and barely coughed during the day. That his breathing is difficult, you have yet heard.

Good medical care in Germany

I am so grateful that we live in a country where medical help and medicines are quickly available. With a pneumonia is really not to be joked. My husband just forwarded to me yesterday, a recent, very good article of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Please read here. Often the pneumonia results from abducted colds that have not been properly cured. The consequences can be devastating. In addition, viruses, fungi, chemicals and bacteria can cause pneumonia. Our son has always had a cold in the last few weeks. By getting used to the daycare, he was more stressed than usual. He was also there with many children, all of whom coughed and enjoyed. By droplet infection, so when talking, laughing and sneezing, pneumococci (germs) are easily transmitted.

That’s why I always tell everyone to go to the doctor with the child when it starts to cough regularly. One should not think that the doctors are annoyed, because you run because of every little cold in the practice. Better listen once more than too little. Perhaps we could have averted the extent of our son’s illness if we had gone to the doctor on Saturday and had received medication.

Fit again

Tomorrow the antibiotic is used up. On Tuesday we go back to the doctor. The little one is thankfully doing good. He hardly coughs anymore – not at night anymore. The breathing is back to normal. The drugs really worked very fast. I will report here in a supplement what the findings were on Tuesday and whether our son can go back to the daycare. On Wednesday would actually be my first working day after the expired parental leave …. but we should not care. The main thing is the little one is healthy again!

Have you already had experiences with bronchitis and pneumonia? Then please share them in a comment.

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