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Mum-and-Dad time: the Inn-Bar Sir Walter in Dusseldorf

Mum-and-Dad time: the Inn-Bar Sir Walter in Dusseldorf

After our visit to the theatre and a great dinner in the Japanese restaurant on Immermanstraße, my husband and I got into the car again to drive to Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12. There you find one of the hottest bars in Düsseldorf right now – the Sir Walter. My husband’s piano teacher has often said that this is the place to be right now when going out.

It was too dark to take good pictures. Only my Bellini, which was very tasty, I photographically held, because it happens all leap years that I drink something. The drink cost 13 euros.

The music was to our liking – funky house. The audience was quite mixed. We did not feel terribly old, because even 30 to 40-year-olds found their way into the bar. For a bar there was a lot of seating as I found. Nevertheless, we have secured a bar table, because you still see more from the action.

Eyecatcher is the long bar in the middle of the room, which is slightly embedded in the floor, so that you look at it from above. Behind the bar, at the end of the room, there is a small dance floor, which you can look out onto from a balcony with additional seating. The decor is minimal, I have nothing special in my mind but the bar itself. The lighting is provided in some places by neon tubes. The name of the bar also hangs as a glowing neon tube at the entrance to the wall. We were at the bar at about 11pm and had no problem with the entrance. When we left an hour later, there was already a long line at the door.

It was nice to mix with the people and see who, how, where emanates on Friday evening in Dusseldorf. We even danced for 15 minutes until the music became a bit monotonous, too electric. Then it was time for us to go. It was a very nice ending to this date night.

What are your favorite bars in Dusseldorf or in your home city?

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