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Mum-and-Dad-time: an evening at the Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf

Mum-Dad-time: an evening at the Schauspielhaus Dusseldorf

My in-laws – back in action

Last weekend we were allowed to enjoy some mom-and-dad-time again. The children stayed overnight with their grandparents from Friday to Saturday. Since they had taken care of the children for a whole weekend in February already to make a short trip to Paris, I would not have dared to ask again four weeks later. But since the children are already with Grandma and Grandfather on Fridays anyway, my mother-in-law kindly suggested it on her own. It would be easier anyway, because the children otherwise always fall asleep in the car on the way from Krefeld to Dusseldorf. Our children were very happy – Grandma always makes everything so comfortable – and so were we.

Preparing for the Date Night – with my husband

I always want to get as much as possible out of the precious time as this opportunity presents itself. So I visited on Friday morning the barber of my confidence. Since 2012 I am a loyal Aveda customer and absolutely enthusiastic about the products. The last time I was at the barber’s was before Christmas. The hairline was still not too bad, because the highlights are just so well made (with three different shades). Although it always costs about 120 euros, I have a long rest and the hair will not be attacked. If you want to know which Aveda products I have been using for many years now, then take a look at this article. After that, I went shopping, although I really do not need any clothes anymore, but it felt so good (and 20% VIP discount on Esprit was worth it ;-).

For the first time in my life, I spontaneously attended a Benefit Brow Bar at Douglas. There I have my eyebrows made beautiful. i.e. removed all hairs that should go away, dye and make-up. I am blonde and always have a topic with my eyebrows. More about this little experience and the question of microblading – yes or no – you can soon read here.

The Schauspielhaus – new location

I was really lucky that I got the last two remaining tickets (in row 4!) for a performance in the Schauspielhaus (small stage). We have been living in the Dusseldorf area for many years now and have never made it to the Schauspielhaus. Ballet or dance in general, concerts, musicals and operas have always interested us more as a play, although I grew up with a lot of theatre.

The piece description for the Friday evening sounded perfect for our entry: ‘Welcome’ was the title, performance on the small stage in Central, comedy, duration 1 hour 15 minutes without a break. Following audience talk. Directed by Sönke Wortmann – the name is known from german television. My husband later recalled that he was producing the successful german movies ‘the moving man’ and ‘the superwoman’.





The actual Schauspielhaus at Gustaf Gründgens Platz is currently being renovated and is only exceptionally open for two productions. One of them is the David Bowie musical ‘Lazarus’, which I would have liked to see. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out in February already for all dates. The alternative location for the Schauspielhaus ensemble is the ‘Central’ at the main station – an old postal distribution center that has been converted into a creative quarter. The stairway over a staircase and metal bridge studded with pigeon droppings is not really inviting (beware, there are no stilettos or penny heels, otherwise you might be caught and crashed). The rooms are functional and reasonably nice. But that’s not what it’s all about. It depends on the play and the actors.

The play – close to real life and really funny

Unusual and entertaining is the entry into the world of shared housing, which is topic in the play. While the spectators are still finding their seats, there is already a lot going on on the stage:

We are in a loft with elevator. On the large dining table are the empty pots and plates. There was obviously Spaghetti Bolognese, and no one had any desire to clear it up. Two men play table tennis in the living room, two women sit relaxed in the hammock and talk, another woman sits in a rocking chair and plays with her cell phone, another man opens a bottle of wine and tinkers in the half-open kitchen. Everyone is at the beginning or the end of 30. Punctually at 8 pm the performance begins.

A typical teacher – Benny – announces to his roommates that he is going to New York for a year as a lecturer and therefore wants to make his room available to refugees. He talks about his visit to a refugee home, which has impressed him long lasting. His idea must of course be voted in the round. The main tenant Sophie (called Fienchen) – a hypersensitive, compassionate photographer without success – sees in it the chance of a new project with which she can do good at the same time. Quite clearly against the idea of ​​refugee reception is Doro – a single mother and the oldest in the shared flat. She has problems with Arab men and can not live with them under one roof. The probationary banker – Jonas – also cautiously expresses his concerns because he fears for his much-needed sleep. An elderly couple, he could still imagine, but no arab family. The young social pedagogue student Anna holds back until she bursts out with her own news. She would like the room for her new Turkish friend Achmed, from whom she expects a baby. So the conversation takes its course, in which one learns a lot about the all sympathetic shared flat residents.

Jonas has e.g. spent a night with Anna. Fienchen and Benny were once a couple until she expressed her desire for a child and he then became gay. It is really amusing when Achmed comes to visit and the roommates should decide after its appearance, whether he or the refugees get the room. What is everyone really ready to give up? A highlight at the end is the conversation between Sophie and her father via Skype. He pays the flat and wants his daughter to grow up. I will not tell you more, if one or the other feels like watching the play.

It is very entertaining as I said, and I thought it was a pity when it was 9.15 pm already. You start falling in love with the characters. I would have liked to watch the actors even longer. Everyone was so perfect in his role.

Attention: there are only 2 play dates left (April/May) and one of them is almost sold out already!

The action ‘I am theatre godmother / godfather’ – theatre plays for children

On our way out I wanted to take a flyer for the current season, because my husband and I really liked the theatre visit. And I came across the great action ‘I am a theatre godfather, because …’.

The Schauspielhaus calles everyone to become a theatre godfather or godmother and to collect a stamp for every performance attended with a child. If you can show three stamps on the Theatre Godfather/mother bonus card, the fourth visit is already for free. This bonus card is available at all theatre box offices in Düsseldorf and is valid for one adult and one child. This can be your own child or a child of friends and neighbors. That way a chance should be given especially to those children who usually wouldn’t have the opportunity of a theatre visit.

I present to you three statements and motives from the postcards that are available for the action, because I found them so great:

  1. I’m a theatre godmother, because … the way to the head has to be opened through the heart. (Hassa Ibrahim, strategy consultant and member of the board of the Förderverein Junges Schauspiel, with her son Jakob (8)
  2. I’m a theatre godfather, because … you only see well with your heart. (Rajiv Strauß, cultural adviser in the mayor’s office) Chairman Förderverein Junges Schauspiel, with his niece Maja (5)
  3. I’m a theatre godmother, because… seeing together is a double experience. (Charlot Kühn, a high school graduate from Duisburg, with her neighbor Emilie (12)

If you want more information, here is the contact: or 0211/8523710





My daughter (4) has already visited the young playhouse twice with the kindergarten.One piece was probably more suitable than the other. If she turns 5, I will

After the theatre

Since our theater visit was over at 9.15 pm, we have only then gone out to eat. In 5 minutes you can walk from the Central to Immermannstraße where you can find many good Japanese restaurants. What experiences we have made there, you can soon read here. We did not leave out to visit a bar after the restaurant visit so we checked out the current Inn-bar of Dusseldorf. You can read this little article about it here.

Our date night was fun and tasty. Imitation is recommended. 🙂

What do you like to do with your hubby without children when the rare opportunity arises? What are your tips for a perfect date night with husband?


At the weekend, our son coughed a lot and had elevated temperature. Usually I used to run to the pediatrician right away when our kids coughed regularly. This time not, because otherwise nothing was ever bad and either cough syrup or nothing was prescribed. That was a mistake. You can read more about pneumonia and bronchitis with infants here.

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