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Hair Wellness – my Aveda

Hair Wellness- my Aveda

My hair

This blog post is no official advertising, nevertheless I would like to present and recommend you my favorite Aveda hair products, because they accompany me now already over 7 years and are still inspiring.

I wear my hair from early age onwards relatively long. Over the shoulder or even longer to the chest. Until a year before my wedding – that was 2011 – I did not do anything with my hair except cut the tops off now and then. No sounding, dyeing or waves. For the care I have used traditional shampoos, rinses, cures and masks from the drugstore. From year to year I always had to cut a bit more because the hair ends got split and I suffered more often under severe hair loss.

I actually have medium-blond hair, but over the years it gets darker and darker. With friends and colleagues, I have always envied it a bit when they suddenly came from the hairdresser with this fresh light blond hair. Especially in spring/summer, it just looks great when the hair is lighter. Just as fresh as from a sunny summer holiday. Nevertheless, I have never dared to do anything with color due to fear of an unnatural result and damage to my hair.

The recommendation of a friend

A good friend of mine (my maid of honor) recommended Aveda to me at one point. She works for the Estée Lauder Group to which Aveda belongs. I never heard about the brand before. Meanwhile, there are Aveda Counters in almost all department stores or you just order online in the Aveda Shop. At the time when my friend recommended Aveda to me, I worked and lived in the Netherlands. Luckily, a small Aveda Spa opened in my home town in Haarlem. After catchy advice, I dared to brighten parts of my hair. I already knew that I wanted to wear my hair up at my wedding. Just then, such a brightening on the top head looks very nice. I was thrilled and felt like a new person. The hairdresser used three different tones to achieve the most natural result in which the hairline is not very noticeable eve after 3 months. In the beginning I really stopped at each mirror and was so happy about my ‘new hair’.

Aveda – Wellness for body (hair) and soul

The beauty of Aveda is that every hairdresser or cosmetic visit also brings a wellness experience with it. Just dye hair, wash, cut, blow dry does not exist. At the beginning of each treatment you can always choose a fragrance oil, which you inhale during a soothing head/shoulder massage. So if you are in a hurry to visit your hairdresser and want to finish quickly, this is the wrong place for you. Of course you pay more for the treatment than at a usual hair desser, but I’m always looking forward to this little event.

Unfortunately the Aveda Spa had to close its doors in Haarlem after a short time because of a lack of customers. So I went to Amsterdam and got not only beautiful hair in the big Aveda Spa, but also perfect mani and pedicures. When my friend visited me in the Netherlands, we also had a wonderful massage there.

In the vicinity of Dusseldorf, I then found in Krefeld a small hairdresser chain called ‘hair magic’, which works exclusively with Aveda products and also cultivates their wellness rituals. I have been faithful to my stylist Dominik for almost 5 years now. I find it so relaxing when I do not have much to say and there is no need to explain. Knowing that the end result is always gonna be good is very important.

My ‘treatment’ usually takes three hours. The mixing of the 3 shades and the exposure takes  much time. But in those three hours, I can drink as much of the delicious Aveda tea as I want to, read the Vogue, Gala and InStyle or get things done with my phone. Here are a few pictures of my hair, one week after the hairdresser visit. I especially like the light copper tone. Actually, I’m off to go to the hairdresser only every 4 months. Depending on which dates or celebrations are due, I go earlier or sometimes later.

My favorite products

Here are the products that I buy again and again. Of course they are much more expensive than those of our german drugstores like dm or Rossmann, but they are also very productive. With the products from the drugstores, I have rarely really used a variety until the very end. Often the remainders were left forever because I wanted to try something new again. I am sure that at the end of the day I spent the same amount of money.

For my long hair, I use the shampoo and conditioner from the Damage Remedy series. It is a rich moisturizing shampoo that simultaneously repairs damaged hair and prevents new damage. Since I have children, I no longer use hair masks that need to be worked in and rinsed out. No time for that. Instead, I get along wonderfully with the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. Massage a small amount into the lengths after washing your hair and you’re done. The hair is then optimally protected against damage and you can comb through wonderfully.





From the Damage Remedy series there is also an extra split serum and a hair mask for intensive repair. Usually I let my hair dry in the air. If I know I want to wear my hair open (it does not happen that often), I use the Volumizing Tonic before blow-drying. This is a very light spray, which brings volume especially at the hairline without sticking. A real wonder! By the way, I use the Dyson Supersonic for blow drying – my daughter and I got it from my dear husband last year. About this luxury device, I will soon report in a separate post.

If I use hair spray, which is not often the case, then I take the Brilliant Medium Hold hair spray. For me it is absolutely sufficient and can easily be combed out. If there is really no time to wash your hair, then I can recommend the dry shampoo. This hair powder is really refreshing. In addition I also have the Smooth Infusion Naturally Light Gel in my stock. It straightens your hair without complaining, but you should really only use a little amount. I use it when I want to wear a neat ponytail without the fine hair on the top of the head flying out. Do you know that problem with these thin strands of hair that regrow?


At Aveda there is a great product for every hair type and its needs that perfectly nourishes or styles the hair – on a pure plant basis. Aveda simply means healthy, beautiful hair and good karma. Curious? Then give it a try. If you buy your Aveda products at a department store counter, there are often small gifts, a fresh tea or a short massage for free. For my birthday, I always get a surprise. Otherwise, there is almost no advertising.

Now I would like to know which hair type you are and which care / styling series you have trusted for a long time! Tell me…

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