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Dreams come true

In my post about early dance education, I mentioned that I used to like to go to ballet class myself. My childhood dream has always been to become a prima ballerina. For about 10 years I had classical ballet lessons. My mother drove me once a week to the next village, where an American ballet master from a neighboring town held lessons for the village children (in a gym). There were no mirrors, but bars – we had to build ourselves at the beginning of the class. Maybe that’s why I still have inhibitions to properly use the mirror to correct myself. At some point, everything was too much for me at school. The older girls, who’s turn was after my class was finished, were allowed to train with pointe shoes. I envied them. My parents did not want me to ruin my feet. Today I am grateful that my feet are still looking good.

But as a young adult, I always started dancing again. No matter in which city I lived – Koblenz, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam – everywhere I found a school that offered ballet lessons for adults beginners with previous knowledge. Although I have tried many other types of dance (like jazz, street or flamenco) and also practiced them for a while, I was only really happy, if my hand touched the bar and I started the ballet exercises to the sound of piano music. The whole concentration was then on my posture and tension. Think about nothing for a minimum of an hour. I really can only recommend this training because it also does the soul good. That I did not get very far or became really good never bothered me. After all, when I was 8 years old, I was allowed to dance the lead role in a small performance on a proper stage with a curtain (the doll fairy). Of which there is even an old video (can one still buy a VCR, otherwise I can not show that to my daughter?!)

Also the ballet school around the corner offers ballet for adults. That’s pure luxury. I can’t say how much that filled me with joy when I registered both my daughter and myself. We can even walk there from home. That’s great in the summer.

Our adult group is a really nice, colorful mix of all ages and women types. You just feel comfortable. We always dance in the smaller hall 3 under the roof. The wardrobe is full of ballet photographs, pictures and drawings. The front door to the school is held open by an old pointe shoe tied to the door handle. Here I am again talking about pointe shoes … About 4 weeks ago, our ballet master asked in the round, if anyone would be interested in half an hour training on pointe shoes at the end of the normal class. She needs at least 5 women for the class to come off. For many of us, I think it was a girl’s dream come true. Very happy and full of anticipation, I ran home and told my in-laws about it, who kindly took care of the children.

Of course, I have complied with the recommendation of my teacher and I got the ‘Porsche’ among all pointe shoes. If you’re going to do something, then do it properly! Maybe it will be the only pair that I will treat myself with in this life, so the price does not matter. About my little trip with junior to JessicaWeltDanceWear in Cologne and my first steps on the pointe you can read more here.

Which of your dreams came true lastly?

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