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Japanese relax

Today I would like to recommend a small, Japanese café/bar/restaurant on Immermannstraße 38 in Düsseldorf: Relax. Here I enjoyed a few quiet moments and good food during my training breaks (the IHK Forum is almost around the corner). Unlike other Japanese restaurants in this street, it is not crowded here. They always play decent jazz music. Maybe the prices for the food are slightly higher than the competition – otherwise I can’t explain why it is not busier here. The portions are not very big, but for me just right and delicious. During the week there are special offers for lunch, such as a miso soup and rice with fried prawns, croquettes and a small salad for 9.80 Euros – a dessert was also included: a very fluffy baked matcha cake with a dollop of creme fraiche. It was so delicious that I was almost tempted to order another piece. In general, I noticed the very unusual desserts and sweet toasts on the menu. If you love sweets, you should definitely try something here.

During the meal I flick through the ‘INDüsseldorf’ magazine and see two events that I would love to visit: a David Bowie Musical (Lazarus) in German premiere at the Schauspielhaus and Ballet Revolución at the Capitol Theater (pointe dance meets street dance from Cuba). That sounds just great. Unfortunately, the dates do not fit into our family calendar. I tried to get tickets for the rehearsal of Lazarus, but they’ve been sold out for a long time. My husband and I will go to the cinema instead on our ‘child-free’ Friday to watch ‘The Darkest Hour’. I’m already looking forward to the second part of my IHK training, when I can come here again, enjoy good Japanese food and just relax for an hour during lunch time.

How do you spend your lunch break?

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