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ballet for both

Last summer we registered our daughter for early dance education. It’s supposed to be the best training to prepare children for sportiness, body consciousness and feeling for rhythm. When she was 3 years old, we have tried classes already, but the interest was not really there yet (although she loved dancing at home in the living room). So we gave it another year to wait. We are in the luxury situation that we could choose between 3 schools in our village: a classic ballet school that teaches by the Russian method (all children must wear the same jersey, hair to the bun, classical music, etc.), a normal one , nice dance school, which offers in addition to the standard dances for adults also children dance (a bit of us kids disco in Robinson Club) as well as a school for creative dance and movement (the kids can wear what they want, varied music, two young teachers playfully contribute to the movements ).

Everywhere we have sniffed and actually we liked everything in his own way. If it had gone to my daughter, she would have opted for the dance school with the disco ball (also because her twin friends Noah & Jonas have participated). The class time would have overlapped but with their gymnastics lesson (and you go over everything!), So I had a good reason to convince her to choose the ballet school around the corner. I think it’s good that the children get access to classical music there and ‘uniform’ does not hurt. Mum loved to go to ballet class in the past, but this is another story you can read here.

At first it cost a lot of persuasion that it is great to wear a pink jersey, pantyhose and slippers. My daughter is not at all the typical girl who loves pink and dresses. On the contrary. She prefers to wear jeans or shorts. Everything is supposed to be colorful. Tights are a nightmare – too tight. The hair must be open and fly around her face. A hairstyle lasts a maximum of 15 minutes, then spangles and hair ties are out again – “that bothers me,” she says. We make it an event and drive to the ballet shop in the city on Saturdays. My daughter is allowed to choose and try on the clothes herself. But when we try things on, I doubt if it will work well and if she really wants to wear this gear when the class starts. Instead of tights we bought leggings. That was a good compromise. I have managed to acquire a kindergarten friend from the town for the early dance education, so that the two girls have remained without major problems without the mum in the class room. In the meantime, my big one has no more problems with it, if her friend is not there. The other girls in the group are also nice.

While I wait for his sister once a week in the afternoon with the little one, he can romp in the ballroom or watch the other, bigger girls warm up and tie their hair into knots. I wonder if he will be interested in dancing, since he’s breathing so much ballet school air already. So far I have not seen a boy in any of the classes. That’s a pity. My daughter has already noticed, and she thinks that’s really strange. I explain to her that it is our country. In Germany it is not common for boys to dance. Certainly not ballet. In other countries it looks very different. I’m looking forward to showing her the musical ‘Billy Elliot’ when she’s older.

Funnily enough, my daughter and I have the same ballet master who does her job really well (yes, I also registered for ballet class again). I think it’s so so so nice. How her career may have looked like, I sometimes wonder during lessons in the evening. She looks so young. In a short conversation I learn that she is in her early 40s and has two big kids (I think 17 and 20 years old) – wow! It has many benefits to get the kids early, she says. Sometimes her battery from the ipod, over which she plays the music, is almost at the end. Then she starts to sweat a bit and tells that her daughter often steals the cable in the evenings to watch series or films on her iPad. Our ballet teacher is driving a cream colored Mini Cooper (if my kids are big, I want to drive exactly this car). At the rearview mirror the miniature hangs from a pointe shoe. My daughter also got one from her grandmother and now it differentiates the dance bag from the gym bag.

Do your children also join a dance school or do they just love dancing in your living room?


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