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sugar-clowns for carnival

sugar-clowns for carnival

For all children it is a huge highlight: the carnival party on Thursday “Schwerdonnerstag” or “Altweiber” in the Kita. On the black board is a list of all sorts of snacks and food posted, for which the parents should register. I would like to see this buffet when it is ready (unfortunately no chance). I write our name to the mini-meatballs, the dry cake and gummy bears. It seems fair to me: bake something, cook / fry a thing, buy a thing. Then it’s Wednesday before Altweiber and I have somehow no time.

In such a case, it is in my opinion perfectly fine to go for a safe baking mix from the ‘doctor’. 😉 Small gummy bear bags are still left from the children’s birthday party in November. But I make the meatballs ‘right’ myself. When shopping quickly I find in the baking department colorful sugar clowns, which I can use wonderfully to decorate the mini-cake: stuck – ready.

The tin with gummy bears looks a bit empty. Great that we can also use the leftover mini-smarties from the birthday party to refill. Main thing: “Kamelle”! Lucky me – in my kitchen cupboard I find little flags that make our meatballs look prettier. My daughter is proud of what I’ve conjured so quickly and tells me the next afternoon “there is nothing left Mama. Everything eaten.”

When did you last use a ready baking mix and for which occasion?

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