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Limango before I fall asleep?

It’s 9:45 pm – the kids are sleeping, nothing left on my to do list for today. Great!

That means I can go to bed early and perhaps finish the book I’m currently reading. Then I could finally start reading a new book.

My husband has put down his silent piano ear phones and is on his way to bed, too. So 15 minutes later we enjoy our cozy, fresh bed covers – holding our mobile phones in our hands. “Didn’t you want to read your book?” he says. “Actually yes, but I quickly want to check kids shoes for spring. A new offer at Limango has just started and sizes are still available. Tomorrow they will be gone.” Furthermore I believe that this vespertine shopping in bed helps me to relax and distracts from any obsessive thoughts. So I fill my online outlet shopping basket with 3 pairs of kids shoes. I’m so lucky that my favorite styles are still available in the needed sizes (wondering – is it really true that I always get the last pairs…?).

Now that I’m shopping anyways I check out the other offers at the same shop, too. The order and shipping costs must be worth it. I continue cruising through decoration articles, fashion and other products which we definitely don’t need. Anyways – I’m just enjoying myself. I can delete some items in my basket before check out. If anything I can still return the products, if they are not convincing.

My husband has put down his mobile already a while ago and is fast asleep. He likes to watch the Stephen Colbert Show on youtube or reads free articles from the Spiegel Online newspaper (I should do the same). Suddenly my mobile falls off my hand. My eyes droop shut and my head falls down. Have I actually placed the order? I don’t care. It’s 11 pm. I’m too tired. Light off. I should have better read my book….

The next morning I look at my mobile and the shopping basket is empty. On one hand I’m a little disappointed that I missed this great offer. On the other hand I’m relieved that I didn’t buy the other rubbish. However it’s probably more reasonable to take my daughter to a shoe store and get her feet measured properly first. That is to say that one of her little feet is always longer than the other one. My son can’t even walk yet although he’s 18 month now. Who knows how long he’s going to take his time. Until then his crawling shoes should do the job. All good.

Do you sometimes have a similar thing happening? Can you leave your mobile aside when you go to bed?

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